Financial FrontiersTM - Profitability

Financial Assessment
Quickly, we roll up our sleeves and become part of your team.  Using over 100 years of combined experience, we focus on a process that looks at key areas of your company where performance can be improved.  We assess and report to you the condition of each of these key areas and work with you to determine the financial priorities for your business.  You know where your company stands financially.

Cash Flow Improvement
First, we analyze your cash flow so you know where your cash has gone.  Then, we project your weekly, monthly and annual cash flow, and we work with your bank to ensure cash flow needs are met in a smooth and consistent manner.  Other factors affecting cash flow are analyzed to achieve maximum cash flow for the company, thereby reducing interest expense and cash flow drain.  This includes an analysis of asset and liability management.  Cash is available when you need it.

Profit Maximization
We perform a thorough review of the critical components of your bottom line.  This includes cost of sales/product margin analysis, production expense and overhead, salaries and SG&A expenses.  We examine your expense structure to determine which expenses can be reduced, restructured or eliminated.  We grow your profits!

Financial FrontiersTM - Expandability

Financing and Financial Structure
We have built relationships with bankers over many years and we understand your company and your funding needs.  A financing structure is developed to match your needs.  Then we connect you with the right banker or other funding source.  We position you to obtain the financing you really need.  We negotiate for the best rates and fees.  We have accomplished many difficult financings.  Securing financing becomes effortless to you and a turnkey process to smooth cash flow.

Operational/Financial Systems Review
Your key systems are thoroughly analyzed to determine their effectiveness.  This includes a review of important internal controls to ascertain any weaknesses.  The critical processes of your systems and software  are reviewed to determine their efficiency and cost effectiveness.  This ensures your control over your business.

Success Planning and Execution
We establish short and long range goals and factors critical to the success of your business.  Through an annual operating plan and related budget, a road map is created for the company.  Accurate reporting is used to evaluate performance against established goals and objectives.  We help you plan how to be more profitable.

Financial FrontiersTM - Transferability

We recognize that all companies reach a stage of development in which either the leadership must transfer from one generation to the next, or the business is sold to management or outsiders, or some combination.  At LGI, we work closely with company leadership to prepare and implement succession planning and/or exit strategies.  LGI provides a full range of transition assistance, and then guides our clients in a financial assessment for the next level of growth.

Financial Management

Outsourced CFO
We will serve as or supplement your chief financial officer, providing overall management for your finance department.  One of our knowledgeable staff will advise management and your board on courses of action to produce desired results in your financial area and oversee execution of our Financial Frontiers process for your business.  We will also hire, train and mentor financial personnel.

Outsourced Controller
We provide hands on controllership to assist management and staff with specific financial challenges.  We will prepare or oversee preparation of monthly financial statements, variance reports and operating budgets.  We can also interface with outside CPA's and negotiate annual renewals for insurance and other outside vendors.

Outsourced accounting department
Our firm is capable of serving as your accounting department and performing all functions necessary, from those of a CFO to those responsiblle for data input and clerical functions.  We customize our solutions to your company's needs to make this service efficient and an effective investment for you.


We will serve as interim management or assist existing management to turn around and restructure their company.  We focus on profit improvement, cost reduction and reorganization.  We can manage financial crises by developing turnaround strategies, negotiating deferred payment plans with creditors and direct restructuring of debt.  Over the years we have successfully turned around businesses losing money.  Some were close to bankruptcy.  Others had their bank loans called.  The results were a return to profitability with bank loans paid in full or new financing in place.


Sometimes a nonprofit organization is headed by a competent top official who is highly skilled, but lacks financial management and CFO experience.

Also, many nonprofit organizations can't afford a full-time CFO, or they have an accountant who doesn't have the financial vision of a CFO.

LGI is able to fill the need for a CFO perspective and guide nonprofits into areas of financial stability, sustainability and growth.

LGI Investment 80 percent Less than an In-House CFO

An advantage to hiring LGI as your outsourced CFO is that your investment in our services is up to 80 percent less than the cost of having a CFO on site. This enables nonprofits to have access to top-notch financial professionals without having to pay the high price that goes along with it.

LGI uses the Financial Frontiers process that incorporates stewardship, expandability, and transferability.

Stewardship, Expandability, Transferability

In the stewardship phase, we conduct a financial assessment of your organization, ensure that cash flow is sufficient, and analyze where costs can be re-structured or improved.

In the expandability phase, we make certain you have the right financial systems, financing and success planning in place so you can take advantage of opportunities to expand and grow.

In the transferability phase, LGI guides your organization through the process of planning out succession of your organization's leadership and management.

LGI has worked with many nonprofits over the past 20-plus years in the following areas: nursing homes; churches; hospice care; mortgage counseling service; girls youth organizations; and a billion dollar bank for student loans.

A Nonprofit Success Story
LGI takes great pride in helping our clients achieve financial stability, sustainability, and success. Steve Lumley guided a nonprofit to grow from $200 to $1 billion in assets over 18 months. During that time, he was able to help them promote a $100 million bond issue.  He put systems in place to handle growth as well as establish a financial means necessary for setting up a $100 million line of credit.

Let us help guide your nonprofit organization's financial future. Please contact Steve Lumley, LGI president, for a confidential, no-obligation interview at (513) 241-6700 or