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Testimonial: TJG, President, Metals Distributor
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"We started working with LGI when we began our business plan and it has helped us as our business has grown. LGI has handled all transactions with financial institutions.  They work closely with our internal accountant to help her understand what she needs to do so that LGI can focus on long-range items.

LGI keeps an eye on expense ratios based on sales revenue and watches expense controls for us. The firm has helped keep long term in mind and encouraged us to seek other resources when cash is tight. By having LGI handle all of this, I am able to focus on sales and growing my business in other areas. We very much appreciate LGI's high standards and integrity... We get a great quality job that is very cost effective. I can't be more complimentary of LGI."

TJG, President

Metals Distributor

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