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Testimonial: JSC, CEO, Large Wholesale Distributor
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"I was referred to LGI by our CPA firm five years ago. For a lot less money we receive a variety of talents and expertise from LGI that we did not need in-house staffing for, for the size of our company. Before our relationship began with LGI we would get financial statements that were suspect months after month end, we now receive them in about 5 days. I know that these statements are going to be precise and accurate. Because we now receive this critical information in a more timely manner I am able to make better financial decisions and feel more confident about those decisions. With having more accurate information it has enabled us to do long term planning. LGI works very closely with myself, our in-house accountants and our CPA.

"They have given us coaching in the areas of financing and cash flow.  They helped us finance our credit line and building, neither of which were easy financings. We are working hard to get to our financial goals. Since LGI has been working closely with our company I can focus on sales and production of our company and no longer worry about the accounting side of our business. I have a very great deal of trust for them and for the high level of expertise and cost effectiveness that LGI provides combined with the size of our company it is just a great value and a right fit."


Large Wholesale Distributor

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