Strategic Financial Management ...on an Outsourced Basis

Purpose Statement
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Vision:  By contributing to the enduring success of closely held companies, LGI will become a catalyst for:
  • Freeing entrepreneurs to fulfill their potential
  • Generating new employment opportunities
  • Introducing innovations that enhance quality of life
  • Building legacies that span generations

Mission:  LGI guides closely held companies to thrive, from one generation of leadership to the next, through strategic financial management on an outsourced basis.

Our exclusive Financial FrontiersTM approach stimulates business growth in phases:  (1) Profitability; (2) Expandability; and (3) Transferability.

Principles:  LGI is a closely trusted business advisor, strategically hands-on today with an experienced eye on tomorrow, and passionately in pursuit of client growth by:
  • Releasing entrepreneurs from financial details to focus on what they do best
  • Tailoring services to the unique needs of each client
  • Building our character continually to provide the highest levels of integrity
  • Stewarding resources to maximize overall return on financial investments
  • Adding value to even our more basic financial management services

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