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Restarting Your Growth
Has your business or your customer’s business reached a glass ceiling? Is the company moving to a new phase in its business life, such as a mature business phase?
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Building your business value
Valuators may use projections for determining future earnings, or rely on historical data (or both) for determining the value of a company.
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Can your company be profitable and not have positive cash flow?
One of the more confusing financial concepts that business owners must deal with is the difference between cash flow and net profit. The business owner may wonder how they can be making a profit without increasing their cash balance.  Alternatively a business owner may experience net losses, but have a positive cash flow.
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Financing Sources for Small Businesses
The increase in banking regulations as a result of the recent crisis, as well as the continued acquisition of small and community banks by larger banks have significantly changed the lending environment particularly for small businesses. 
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Surviving Buyer Due Diligence
One day you will want to sell your business and be rewarded handsomely for all the time, effort and resources you put into growing your business. However, before you get to that payday you will have to survive "Buyer's Due Diligence."
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Becoming an Entrepreneur and Minimizing Fraud in Your Business
Listen here for the American Dreamers interview with Steve Lumley of LGI CFO on how an outsourced CFO can streamline your business and increase opportunities for growth.
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Five Ways to Minimize Fraud
Small businesses with fewer than 100 employees are the most frequent fraud victims, with the median loss exceeding $150,000, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. No matter the size of your organization, that’s significant money.
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Cincinnati Business Courier: LGI Has CFOs "To-Go": Part-time Finance Pros Help Smaller Businesses
Ten years ago Caruso Inc. found its balance sheet in the red. A recommendation from an accountant led family-owned Caruso to Steve Lumley's part-time CFO company. Within a year, Lumley helped turn Caruso's financials from a loss in 2000 to earnings in 2001.
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Business Owners: Now is a Great Time to Strengthen Your Banking Relationship
LGI has provided financial management services for hundreds of privately-held businesses and nonprofits over the past 20 years. He gives the following advice to entrepreneurs and business owners who want to improve their banking relationships:
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CFO for Hire: Insource an Expert with LGI
Many businesses and nonprofits need professional financial guidance, yet don't have a fulltime chief financial officer (CFO) on staff. In good times or bad, a CFO is needed to help your organization run smoothly and keep it financially viable.
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Outsourced CFO Firm Helps Businesses Survive and Thrive
Businesses can react to an economic downturn by cutting expenses and improving sales, but the president of a local outsourced CFO firm says there are other ways to improve the bottom line during lean times -- no matter the size of an enterprise.
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Seven Signs Your Company Needs a CFO
Many entrepreneurs spend too much time on tasks that are not their core competency, like finance. Yet finance is the lifeblood of a business, and if you can't make it financially, you won't stay in business over time, says Steve Lumley president of LGI, an outsourced CFO firm based in downtown Cincinnati.
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